Ultimately, Big Data means little unless it’s connected to a bright idea that helps customers find more value in their automotive experience.

Some call that integration — connecting dots — and just about everyone calls it good customer service. After all, when the information the customer needs is delivered at the right time, and in the correct way, building relationships and writing repair orders is a natural outcome.

That’s the topic of a new Automotive News post about how the Dealer-FX ONE Platform solution can now integrate with Hunter Technologies’ Quick Check, Quick Check Drive and Quick Tread. According to the post, several dealers had approached the two companies requesting some sort of connection between the two services. What they got was true integration between two disparate and disconnected systems and sets of data. In fact, the partnership, which took months of work to bring together, now creates a real-time customer experience from the moment they drive into the service area to the conversation they have with the service advisor.

That’s not hyperbole — it actually works that away. Hunter’s scanning solution picks up important updates about wheel and tire wear as a customer drives in, and that data is sent to the ONE Platform service. The result? Actionable insights for the customer when they step out of their vehicle. For customers, they get a constructive conversation based on data — not opinions — and a strong set of suggested services. Dealer service managers enjoy RO increases thanks to high-value services like wheel alignments.

Check out the post, here.