How Transparency and “Right-time” Expectations are Impacting Dealership Service Departments

It’s a need-to-know world. And people need to know when – right down to the minute. Driven in part by busy, complicated lives, consumers are flocking to on-demand services: according to Boston Retail Partners and the National Retail Federation, over half of global retailers currently offer same-day delivery, a number expected to climb to 65% in 2019.

And then there’s Amazon. The online retailer not only promises fast delivery, it uses data to map when customers are likely to reorder items…then ship those products to a nearby distribution center before the order is placed. It creates a predictive delivery experience, boosting sales and satisfaction.

The Transparency Solution to Meet Right Now Demands

When every extra day, hour and minute counts, showing up late is a recipe for a disastrous service experience, one that consumers are increasingly willing to share via online reviews, ratings, and low CSI scores. Yet sometimes “right now” isn’t possible – and trying to meet such an impossible standard is just as disastrous. In that case, leading companies are turning to transparency to satisfy the customer’s need for immediate satisfaction, turning “right now” into “right time.” By showing the ongoing, real-time progress of an order, businesses such as Amazon and Uber empower buyers with the knowledge necessary to adjust expectations.

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